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An absolutely rammed Theatre A at Earls Court saw Kingston University wrap up the graduate designer showcases in a majestic plethora of out of the box ideas by 27 students. Menswear designs in particular were incredibly bold, well-executed, and daring.

Mirrored prints of splashes of paint on elegant crisp white, clean cut tailored suits and trousers, Andrew Graham’s menswear collection examined the mental parallels between reality and fantasy; whilst Sophie Wetherells displayed excellent skills and attention to detail with menswear collection of rust red quilted tailoring, structured houndstooth knitwear and oversized cable knits. Sarah Strokes’ street attire was eerie and mysterious, yet wearable – accessorised with loose balaclavas and dark grey, navy, and black tones – brought to life with flashes of orange.

Knitwear in particular was brilliant, with two designers fusing knitwear and metallics. Henrietta Jerram’s cohesive graphic knitwear in futuristic shades of blue was impressive and well put together; while Caitlin Charles-Jones opted for citrus shade of lemon, lime, and tangerine and Art Deco geometric shapes.

Defying gravity, with floating balloon props resembling arm chairs, Penelope Tucker took us to high grounds with helium fuelled garments. The neutral coloured skateboarding inspired collection showcased everything from parkas, to extended trousers, and urban street wear style hoods and peak caps.

In London’s Olympic year, Charlotte Cohen aptly reworked sportswear and technical fabrics to create a stunning collection that felt timely, wittily accessorised with bags shapes like kettle bell weights and weightlifting belts.

Using cats and home furnishings as inspiration, Alice Maughan made floral living room wallpaper designs chic in a collection that closed the show leaving us feel warm and cosy. Her last garment incorporating a curtail rail brought the show, and Graduate Fashion Week’s university catwalk shows to a majestic end.

– Walter Ugarkovic

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