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Day two at Graduate Fashion Week saw Leicester’s De Montfort University, popularly known for their knitwear. Graduates from DMU learn and demonstrate the relationship of creativity and technology, which was especially evident at their 2012 show.

Alison Woodhouse created a collection formed full of vibrant slouchy knits with sheer underlays paired with visors for a comfy cool vibe, with a sportswear feel. Eroding mossy prints from Jenny Plaster with gold metallic structures holding dresses in place, allowing the sheer material to flow freely in contrast to the bold metal hardware holding such fragility in place.

For the men, Amanda Salway revived what it meant to look nerdy. With brogues and the odd spectacle throughout, pastel shades in yellow, green and blue were opted for. As were leggings layered under shorts, while sheer pull-overs complimented traditionally printed fitted shirts. Claire Sant played with geometric shapes and muted brights. Not forgetting Jade Clark who adorned her men in pastel gimp masks, googly-eyed rucksacks, pearlescent fabrics and embroidery detailing.

Scarlett O’Sullivan grabbed the room’s attention with ethereal botanical print dresses of poppies – presented on shoes, fitted bomber jackets; paired with diaphanous dresses and sheer layers. Jam jars filled with flowers were used as accessories, imparting a feeling of being lost in a beautiful garden. A trouser of vivid orange tie dye, against white, gave a crisp edge to the collection. It was bohemian, but not like we’ve seen before.

An underwater theme was played upon by Maria Flora Ellina. As we saw sequins and metallic foils in greens and pinks upon jackets and sheer draped shirts. Heavily embellished with treasure like textures against tonal rusty oranges, honing in on a sportswear aesthetic, inspired by a mystical lagoon.

– Samantha Goodwin

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