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At the Northumbria show spare seats were scarce. The crowd held an excited buzz of anticipation as the remaining few were sharply ushered in by those in charge.

Womenswear designer Rebecca Byers made a lasting impression as she silenty flirted through collapsed lengths of fabrics and hand crafted chains. Thoroughly elegant and ludicrously charming, Byers’ collection stands to be timeless with its luxurious fabrics and muted colour palette of charcoal, white and gold.

In a bid to rival such wonderful womenswear, Northumbria issued us with menswear designer Charlotte Sowerby. Unveiling a capsual collection of Mod like silhouettes, Sowerby toyed with the Mr. Hyde attitudes of today’s “aggressive” young men.

Taking us off the streets of London and into the land of the Tsars. Amelia Smith then releasesd a fabulous troop of Russian dolls in all manner of fur Cossack hats, white tights and black boots, with prints depicting the buildings found at the Red Square. Her structured garments empashised the feminine silhouette in a playful yet grown up way.

 – Rebecca Austin 

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