Name: Amelie Eckersley

Age: 19

Hometown: Hackney, London

3 Likes: Lauryn Hill, Lindt Chocolate, Crabbies ginger beer

3 Dislikes: Being too hot, Drty fingernails, Nicole Kidman

What’s your summer song? Heaven knows I’m miserable now- The Smiths

Any bad habits? Whistling all the time

If you could have a super power what would it be? Having Bernard’s watch… Being able to stop time

Favourite place in the world? Stiffkey, Norfolk

What do you look for in a LOVER? Someone who is interested in music, funny, taller than me when I’m wearing heels and someone who smiles alot.

Dinner with anyone alive or dead? Sarah Kane-Playwright

Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us… I’ve directed my own play that I wrote myself in Wigmore Hall.

Photography: Damiana D’Ascenzi

Amelie Eckersley from D1

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