Name: Rio Fredrika DeBolla

Age: 17

Hometown: London

Agency: Models 1

3 likes? The colour black, Going to fancy dress parties, Laughing

3 Dislikes? Smiling whilst having my photo taken, Bright colours, Jumping insects

Best thing about being a model? Meeting new people and getting photos back.

Strangest shoot or show so far? In Iceland for Mega Magazine; I had to wear a swimsuit and parade around icebergs.

Best thing about London? The diversity!

What do you look for in a lover? Sense of humour and they must be an easy person to get on with.

Fashion item/clothing you cant live without? My studded loafers.

Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us? I’m a weirdo because I dye my  hair ginger!

– Rio from Models 1

– Images by Henry Gorse

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