Ada Zanditon – Simia Mineralis Autumn/Winter 2012 directed by fashion photographer Thomas Knights, who is featured in our current issue available in store now.

For A/W12, London born and bred designer Ada Zanditon’s Simia Mineralis collection embodies the spirit of the old and the new. The collection’s name, derived from an analogy for the human race, “ape of the mineral”, translates to geologically inspired shapes and layering.

Staying true to her strong silhouettes, contrasting textures offer structure and fluidity. Using the Victorian era as a reference, Zanditon’s garments are voluminous, elegant, and glamorous.

Simia Mineralis the film debuted on 17th February at London Fashion Week, the same day the collection’s exhibition opened at Somerset House. Telling the story of humans, technology, and the consequences of their greed for it, the film was shot at the Dennis Severs’ House in Spitalfields. Exploring the current world from a historical perspective through renewed eyes, its leading lady is on a journey to define the present and shape the future.

– Lily Niu

Feature image – Leigh Keily


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