We’d have to travel across it to get to them, but this time The Presets have brought Pacifica to us. 

Formed in 2003, The Presets are an electro pop duo consisting of Julian Hamilton (vocals and keyboards), and Kim Moyles (drums and synth). The multi-award winning duo met in 1995 at music school in Sydney and it was their passion for 80s pop music which brought them together. With Pacifica being the duo’s third studio album, a tour follows as the double act taking on America. With PHOENIX Issue 8,  ‘The Innovation Issue’ now on sale, allow us to introduce two of the original innovators of post indie electro house and synth pop. We caught up with drums and keys player Kim Moyles to chat about The Presets, future sets, music videos, fashion and the future.

What was the inspiration behind the new record?

Apart from the album just being a collection of songs and sounds that we really like for this moment in time there really is not too much of a concept to the record. Obviously when you are making records for a living you tend to want to improve on the previous albums with each successive recording, that being said there were a few things at play while making this album. We wanted to try and achieve a new sort of Australian sound with this
album, one that wasn’t from the Oz Rock tradition. We tried to have the idea of classic techno running subliminally throughout the album as a sort of thematic undercurrent or foundation. Song wise, the themes are diverse as the medias portrayal of youth as out of control to conversations about nothing to hope and regret to rejoicing in the notion of letting go of control and surrendering to whatever happens and more.

What would be your dream gig?

I am happy with any performance where we have a good crowd, the sound onstage and at front of house is excellent, the lighting guy nails it and we can tell that everyone who came was thrilled to be there. We are fortunate enough to experience these kind of performances on a regular basis.

Your videos are beautiful, how much creative input do you guys have?

Thankyou! we feel very proud and fortunate to be working with such talented Music Video directors. What usually happens is we tend to pick a treatment that we have a strong emotional connection too, then we leave the director to do what they do best. Usually the result is of a very high standard.

If anyone could make a video for you, who would you choose?

Karl Lagerfeld. It would be so opulent and camp to have the Dath Vader of fashion make a music video for a little Australian band. Mostly I am very happy with the directors that we end up working with. They always bring really fresh perspectives and great ideas to our music.

What’s next for you guys then?

Currently we are touring in the USA. When I get home in November I will be finishing off a record I am making for Sydney based artist Kirin J. Callinan and another record for my mate Beni. Jules and I will start up in the studio again to work on some pure techno and put a DJ show together then next year it should see more touring both Internationally
and at home.

Do you have a favourite film?

The last film that really blew my mind was “The Skin I Live In” by Pedro Almodóvar. I almost could not believe that a film that demented and beautiful actually made it over the finish line. It was just amazing.

It is always nice to know, do you have a favourite fashion brand?

I tend to wear a lot of Acne, Dries Van Noten, Ksubi and Cabane De Zucca from Tokyo. Also from Japan I really like Undercover. Rick Owens is great. I have been wearing this pair of Alden shoes that my girlfriend bought online from San Francisco, they are the most well made shoes i have ever owned.

Finally can you tell everyone what is the highlight of being a musician?

I am able live in my imagination for most of the day. I also get to travel a lot but when I am at home in Sydney I am lucky enough to stay close to my girlfriend and our son all day long – hitting the park and going for a long walk each morning to have awesome coffee.

‘PACIFICA’ is now available to download from iTunes HERE
‘GHOSTS’ remix bundle is now available on iTunes HERE

Words: Declan Higgins


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