As a cultural hub London is famed for producing some of the most iconic creatives of all time ranging across all forms of artistic endeavour. To mark the impact of the current individuals sculpting the creativity of the city London, media gurus The Hospital Club and Time Out devised the h.Club 100: a search for the most original and influential people in the UK creative and media industries.

Here at PHOENIX we are always digging and searching for those next in line to the thrones of creative talent, but this time it was awaiting us on our own doorstep. PHOENIX Fashion Director Rebekah Roy and our Visionnaire Nik Thakkar made it on the h.Club 100 and can now class themselves amongst Londons 100 Most Influential Creatives. With members of the PHOENIX team officially rubbing shoulders with the likes of Grayson Perry, Stella McCartney and Danny Boyle, Nik Thakkar said, “Being part of the Culture 100, alongside names including Nick Knight, Jamie XX, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender is such a huge honour. Nick Knight is my number one creative in London, how he’s carved his skill into a creative business model is truly pioneering.”

Check out the h.Club 100 here:

Words: Declan Higgins

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