At 6’2”, with supermodel proportions and close-cropped hair, Karin Park looks something like the fictitious offspring of Erin O’Connor and Sinead O’Connor.

The sound, however, is less easy to define. Comparisons with fellow Swedish purveyor of eerie electronica Fever Ray are inevitable (indeed, Park is currently working with Fever Ray producer Christoffer Berg), and there are certainly flashes of Bjork and Robyn. Which is never a bad thing.

Yet Park brings to the table her own alternative beats, and lyrics darker than a Swedish winter solstice: “They are eating me up with their big jaws / and there’s a million snakes on the cold floor / I can feel their sticky breath in my neck / and from a hole in the ground I hear a big roar”, she sings on new EP Fryngies, the second single from her debut album ”Highwire Poetry” due to be released this spring.

Live performances are captivating, smoke-filled electro affairs with her long haired Viking of a brother, David, on drums.

Edgier than a dodecahedron, revel in your early adopter status and start championing now.


Hannah Kane 

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