It’s not unusual for big multinational beverage brands to recruit up and coming artists and designers to spice up the look of their product. These collaborations often lead up to interesting designs and approaches, creating timeless art collectable bottles. Karl Lagerfeld and Cavalli did it for Diet Coke, singer M.I.A. did it for Becks, and now D*Face and Smirnoff have collaborated for a one off alternative art exhibition that saw the launch of a limited edition piece.

The London born and bred street artist has already bagged collaborations with the likes of Christina Aguilera and his cartoon characters inhabit the cities grimiest and most curious locations there was no surprise when we got hint of this collaboration. Match made in heaven.

We received a mysterious invitation that came along with a golden token scribbled with the question ‘Do you feel lucky?’ We certainly did. Hidden in an alley behind Tower Hills train tracks and sporting a rustic untaken care off facade, Winston’s Music Hall was the ideal location for a one night only exclusive celebration.  Starting at 18:59 with a reception where a boozy crowd sipped on a variation of cocktails like Rio Capiroska, Jamaican Sunrise, and New York Cranberry and Lime which were served by white robed lab scientists, the night was a big success and created a chilled atmosphere.

The main event kicked off at around 9.30 and as promised it was not your run of the mill art exhibition. Instead we got a live theatre-like performance, involving props, actors, and artists as we were introduced to a factory environment. In a box like shaped cottage built inside the hall, 5 laborious ‘factory workers’ printed D*Faces signature cartoon-like stamp on concrete wrapped Smirnoff vodka bottles whilst people were invited to gape at them through tiny windows.

The bottle design perfectly encompassed D*Faces urban graffiti-style and Smirnoff’s youthful and vibrant demographic making it the perfect combination.

– Walter Ugarkovic

Event images Adam Saad

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